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Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Sometimes Peyronie’s disease goes away on its own. But that is a relatively rare occurrence. Most of the time Peyronie’s disease gets worse, and requires Peyronie’s treatment.

For men with severe Peyronie’s Disease, there are Peyronie’s treatments available.

Prescription Drugs

There is one recently approved drug for treatment of Peyronie’s. It is called Xiaflex. Xiaflex is a Peyronie’s disease treatment designed to break down the plaque causing the curved penis. Xiaflex is used to treat Peyronie’s disease by a series of injections directly into the scar tissue. Patients choosing this Peyronie’s treatment are also required to do a series of exercises with a stretching device to help straighten the penis as the scar tissue breaks down. As with any prescription drug, there are potential side-effects of this Peyronie’s treatment, including bruising, bleeding and possible infection.

Surgery to Cure Peyronie’s Disease

In some of the most severe cases, surgery is used to cure Peyronie’s. There are several surgical Peyronie’s cures. These range from removing the scar tissue, to penile implants. The type of Peyronie’s surgery will depend on your condition. Your doctor will consider the location of scar tissue, the severity of your symptoms and other factors. Surgery can cure Peyronie’s disease, but all surgical procedures have risks.

PRP for Peyronie’s offers a drug-free, surgery-free Peyronie’s disease cure.

Our exclusive Peyronie’s disease treatment involves the use of Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, it’s called the Priapus Shot (P-Shot).

PRP is made from your own blood, so there are no known side effects. It is a concentrated formula of stem-cells and growth factors. PRP injections have been used successfully to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

GAINS Enhancement

Like the P-Shot, the GAINS Enhancement uses Platelet Rich Plasma to treat Peyronie’s Disease. The procedure is an all natural, safe, and side-effect free alternative. In addition to PRP, the GAINS Enhancement uses a custom blended proprietary formula that not only treats Peyronie’s Disease but can also increase sensation and penis size.


The GAINSWave™ is a scientifically proven technique that uses pulse waves to improve sexual performance. The procedure is non-invasive, pain-free, and drug-free – it improves erectile dysfunction and treats PD by enhancing tissue growth and blood flow and reducing scar tissue.

Diagnosis of Peyronie’s Disease

Find out if you require Peyronie’s Treatment based on your diagnosis of Peyronie’s Disease.

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