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I Have Peyronie’s Disease: What Are My Options?

Peyronie’s Disease is a painful penile disorder that can occur in any man. When this condition is experienced, it can be a confusing and seemingly hopeless path to a cure. If you have done any research, you may have found that there are many different options for handling your case of peyronie’s disease. With so many options, where should you begin?

First, it is important to understand what Peyronie’s Disease is, and what causes it. Peyronie’s is a condition where plaque, or layers of scar tissue, form within the penile shaft, specifically around the corpora cavernosa. When these hard, cement-like deposits form in the area, it can cause the penile shaft to become permanently bent upwards, making for a very unnatural and painful experience. For those with Peyronie’s Disease that are sexually active, it can cause pain with erection and even lead to an inability to have an erection due to this pain.

Treatment Options

There are multiple options available to you to treat peyronie’s disease, both on your own or under the supervision of a doctor.


Xiaflex is a chemical option to treat peyronie’s disease. It works by targeting the collagen present in the plaque that causes peyronie’s disease. While Xiaflex is an option, it comes with side effects such as pain, swelling, bruising, and itching across the body. In addition, Xiaflex is not guaranteed to produce results.


Surgical interventions are a viable option for those who are willing to undergo invasive means to cure their case of Peyronie’s Disease. These procedures work as you would imagine – a surgeon going into the affected area and cutting out the plaque causing the deformity. While this can result in the resolve of the condition, surgery itself always comes with risks of permanent damage to nerves or the penile shaft itself.

While these are available options to the general public that have worked in some cases, the possible side effects and pain associated with these treatments leads many to seek alternative options.

One such option that is surgery and chemical free is the Gains Enhancement™ treatment offered by the experts at HealthGAINS.

What is Gains Enhancement™?

i-have-peyronies-disease-what-are-my-options-2This treatment option utilizes PRP, or platelet-rich plasma to combat the effects of peyronie’s disease. PRP uses your own blood platelets to promote the healing powers of growth factors in these blood samples. When introduced to the affected area, the PRP promotes natural healing and removal of the troublesome plaque. In addition, this treatment also increases blood flow to the penis and stimulates the regeneration of tissue that may have been damaged by the plaque.

In addition to this treatment, the GAINSWave™ ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy) therapy uses acoustic waves to break up the plaque within the penile shaft. This method has been used for years to clear critical arteries around the heart of plaque buildup due to high cholesterol.

The high frequency sound waves help to not only break up the plaque that cause peyronie’s, but can also improve sensitivity, stamina, and overall sexual ability!

If you are ready to treat your case of Peyronie’s Disease without chemicals or invasive and potentially damaging surgery, the specialists at HealthGAINS are here to help you. Contact one of our friendly staff members to get more information on your candidacy and begin your pain-free treatment of Peyronie’s Disease.