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GAINSWave™ for Peyronie’s Disease

Men with Peyronie’s Disease want to know about the best Peyronie’s Treatments and Peyronie’s Disease cures available. We provide the latest, clinically proven treatments for Peyronie’s Disease, such as the GAINSWave™, as alternatives to painful and invasive Peyronie’s disease surgery.

What is the GAINSWave?

The GAINSWave uses high-frequency acoustical waves to treat men with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease. The technology and the device is very similar to technique known as “extracorporeal shock wave therapy,” or Electro Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT), that has been used successfully to treat men with ED and Peyronie’s Disease in Europe for decades. Several research studies conducted in Europe have shown that shockwave therapy for Peyronie’s Disease successfully reduces the painful erections, and curved penis typical of the condition.

However the technique is relatively new here in the states. The GAINSWave™ is a non-invasive surgery-free, and drug free treatment for men with Peyronie’s disease.  In clinical trials, it has been shown to be as effective as Peyronie’s surgery such as penile grafts, implants, or suturing techniques which are far more painful and invasive. And, more effective than prescription drugs like Xiaflex, particularly when combined with other treatments such as the Gains Enhancement.

Who is a good candidate for GAINSWave?

Any man who is experiencing erectile difficulties or a diminished sex life due to the complications of Peyronie’s disease, is a good candidate for the GAINSWave for Peyronie’s. Men who are looking for an alternative treatment for Peyronie’s disease, or who may have heard of shockwave therapy for Peyronie’s disease, are particularly good candidates for the GAINSWave for Peyronie’s.

How Does the GAINSWave work?

Basically the GAINSWave technique uses high frequency soundwaves to improve blood flow to your penis. The acoustical waves open up blood vessels in the penis as well as stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. In men with ED, the increased blood flow results in longer, stronger and more sustainable erections. Men with Peyronie’s disease receive this benefit, but, in addition, the vibrating soundwaves also can break down or dissolve the scar tissue that causes the curved penis typical of men with Peyronie’s disease.

Your GAINSWave for Peyronie’s Consultation

The first step of your GAINSWave ™ consultation will be a thorough examination to confirm a diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease. Step two would be to make sure you are a candidate for the GAINSWave, based on your needs, lifestyle and medical history. During this phase of your Peyronie’s disease consultation we will also discuss other non-invasive treatment options for Peyronie’s disease such as the P-shot and the Gains Enhancement ®

What are the Benefits of the GAINSWave?

The GAINSWave has proven to be very beneficial to men with erectile dysfunction. 80% of men who have had the GAINSWave saw significant improvement in their sex lives. Technology similar to the GAINSWave has been proven in clinical trials to be a safe and effective treatment for men with Peyronie’s disease. Men who have used the GAINSWave for Peyronie’s diseases, are now enjoying happier, healthier and more satisfying sex lives.

GAINSWave Testimonials

“If you told me months ago that I could fix my Peryonie’s disease without drugs or without surgery, I would have said you are nuts! But now, I know better! I am telling you, the GAINSWave works!”
Peter G.

“I have Peyronie’s. Don’t ask me why or how I got it. But, I can tell you it was embarrassing and putting a real drag on my sex life. I did not have the time to undergo surgery, so my doctor prescribed Xiaflex. I was not happy with the results. I searched online for alternative treatments for Peyronie’s and found out about the GAINSWave, man am I glad I did…”
Artie F.

GAINSWave Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I see results?

As with any medical procedure, your results with the GAINSWave may vary, but you should see significant reduction of the curve in your penis, and improved erectile function in about six to eight weeks after the treatment.

Are there any side effects

NO! The GAINSWave uses mild soundwaves. It is completely non-invasive and has little or no known side-effects.

Does the GAINSWave procedure hurt?

No! The GAINSWave is completely painless

Does the GAINSWave increase penis size?

The high-frequency sound waves of the GAINSWave have been shown to reduce the curvature typical of Peyronie’s disease, so, once the penis straightens out, there is a perception of increased length. When combined with other procedures such as the Gains Enhancement, true increases in penis size can be achieved.

Will I need to see the doctor after the procedure?

A follow up appointment is usually recommended in about 4 weeks.

How long do the GAINSWave results last?

When combined with the Gains Enhancement, the positive results achieved with the GAINSWave can last up to 18 months or more.

Is there anything I need to do after receiving the GAINSWave?

Depending on your degree of curvature you may need to use a vacuum device, or have follow-up GAINSWave treatments.

How much does the GAINSWave cost?

As compared to painful and invasive penile surgery for Peyronie’s, or the need to take on-going prescription medications, the GAINSWave for Peyronie’s is relatively inexpensive.